Chicago Lakefront Kiosk Competition “Hujitsubo” (2015)

Location : Chicago, Illinois
Program : Kiosk
Design Team: Toshiki Hirano

Our proposal for Chicago Architecture Biennial Lakefront Kiosk aims to resonate with the surrounding lakefront landscape yet stands out as an iconic figure and to make its interior space opened to the outside yet provides an intimate closure, to become a catalyst for the lakefront cultural/recreational activities. The Kiosk is made of a bundle of tubes leaning to each other and extending into different directions. It is constructed on a wheeled chassis so that it can easily be towed. Openings on the tubes create a complex lighting condition underneath that houses service counter of the Kiosk and a semi-opened seating space. The Kiosk will host various cultural events including warm-up parties and talk sessions during the Biennial.